The race world

“Nothing can compete with the excitement generated by bets and the heady atmosphere of race tracks with the audience's restless shouting as the horses get to the last turn and with the outburst of joy as they reach the finish line. Just a few hours spent on the track will provide entertainment, high-quality show and a break from everyday-life, which are ideal to have a nice time with your family, friends or business partners.”

The Hippodrome de Wallonie in Mons organizes horse trotting and gallop racing days throughout the year. Depending on the season, the meetings are held during the week from 5 PM to 7 PM or on the weekends and holidays from 2 PM.

Usually, 7 to 10 trotting or gallop races, sometimes both, are run everyday. They follow one another at regular 30-minute intervals. Although a full meeting lasts several hours, the audience can come and go as they wish, arrive and leave when they want at the pace of the meetings in which they're interested. Before each meeting, a racing program is edited in the form of a 30-page newspaper in order to provide the audience with every detail on the horses, the jockeys, trainers and owners taking part in the races of the day. 




Courses en double-sulkyCourses en double-sulkyCourses en double-sulky


"Just for a night, we are immersed into an unknown world full of passions, hopes and victories ...The warm welcome and the information provided have made us, neophytes, paper professionals!Absorbed in the atmosphere and eager to increase our nest egg, we got our adrenalin rushes every now and then...We were received princely thanks to a delicate catering service, which contributed to making the night unforgettable because all said 'we'll come back!' "



Georges Winant

Président du Rotary Club Ath

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