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The S.A. Hippodrome de Wallonie was created in 1999 on the initiative of the Fédération Nationale du Trot (Belgian Trotting Union) and the Région Wallonne (Walloon Region). Its purpose is to organize and operate trotting and gallop races, as well as bets. The Racetrack has been constantly developing and improved in terms of infrastructure since its creation. Thanks to its state-of-the-art lighting system, its high-quality trotting track, its sand/fiber gallop track comparable to the best international race tracks, an international farrier school and an exceptional executive staff to support the public, the Hippodrome de Wallonie|Mons constitutes a highly functional site with international recognition. 


Moreover, it has always been willing to represent the equine sector as a whole, which means it is available for lease for all equestrian events, whether local, regional, national or international. Since the end of the year 2012, the Racetrack is equipped with an 80 m by 160 m show jumping arena, the only one in Belgium, which demonstrates its leading position.  




It is situated in a green environment in the outskirts of Mons and is the only racetrack in Wallonia. The Hippodrome de Wallonie|Mons is easily accessible and is located less than 40 minutes away from Brussels and near the Walloon backbone which connects Paris to the North of Europe. In 2013, the season lasted 60 racing days, among which 40 were transmitted live on the Equidia channel.




Grand Prix de la Toussaint Grand Prix de la Toussaint Grand Prix de la Toussaint Grand Prix de la Toussaint Grand Prix de la Toussaint Grand Prix de la Toussaint Grand Prix de la Toussaint


"I had the opportunity to take part in a double-sulky race on November 16, 2013 and I haven’t regretted it. On the contrary, it is my opinion that, although I have many 'equestrian' memories, this race is the best so far ... This might also be because I had the chance to cross the finish line first. But it's not the only reason! As a 'passenger', we have the opportunity to live the race intensely, from the inside, to understand the little details, feel the tension, but also the effort provided by the horses, and the drivers' focus. Then, there's this unbelievable adrenalin rush as we enter the home straight. The suspense during the last meters. And the joy when we reach the end. An experience to live and relive ... even without a win!"

Christian Simonart

Hoofdredacteur - l'Equimag

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